duminică, 5 decembrie 2010

Old Cat - cantecel

Old cat, what'cha doin' sitting in the snow,
Old cat doesn't know what she's looking for,
Old cat looking down trough the sniper whole
Looking for love, never knocking on your door.

Old cat, stop crying cause' here I am,
Old cat, stop pretending you don't give a damn,
Old cat, bring yourself together now
There is the light...

It stopped snowing, he's not here anymore,
Stop talking, you're making everything worse,
There's no such as love, of that I am sure,
Never knew what hit me before.

Please let my tears flow down my cheek,
Please grand me my best and my greates wish,
Please think of this love, this foolish dream,
Come back to me...

It seems to me I'm dead all over inside,
My heart still pounds the iron in my blood,
The fake steel that crossed trough out my thoughts
I believe there is hope for another shot.

Old cat, there's enough said for now,
Things happened so fast and passing through,
Won't believe any lies, not any sound
Others would say about...

Him: -Is this true love?
Her: -Others would be amazed, but it is.
Him: -After all that we've been trough, you came to the same conclusion as I did too.
Both: We're in love!

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